Thursday, April 23, 2020


Two days of academic elearning this week.
Two days that have felt completely different.

Tuesday felt low and sad.
Today felt high and joy-filled.

It wasn’t just me...I could see it in my kiddos.

Tuesday’s google meet lunch was quiet, almost melancholy.
Today was full of smiles, bright faces.
Tuesday we shared what we are missing.
Today we laughed at what we are enjoying.

I am finding during these strange times that the emotions need permission.  
My emotions need permission.  
My students’ emotions needed permission, on both days.  

Two days.
Two extremes.


  1. Yes, it is true...we often need permission that it’s okay to feel the things we feel. I’m so glad you wrote about the two extremes.

  2. I love this poem! I would love to publish it in the Promise newsletter which I edit for the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children.

  3. We are teaching asynchronously, but we gather on school days on Flipgrid, and I am struck, too, by the changes the days bring to our students. I love the way you're not judging--just noticing. That is refreshing to me!

  4. Note and notice...a lot of data is being collected now! Maybe we will all have to wait a bit to sort it through to grasp meaning.
    But on the fun side. I ordered groceries to be delivered (normal now), choose a package of assorted snack size chips(out of the norm for me) and the first bag I had was... (drum roll please) Cool Ranch Doritos! :) Writing can be powerful!