Thursday, April 16, 2020

Cool Ranch Doritos

I love Cool Ranch Doritos.  LOVE! THEM!  I never buy them for myself because I have ZERO self control when they are in my house.

I was gifted some the other day.  They showed up in a package from a former student.  I wasn't expecting a package, let alone a package with a letter, some books for my classroom, and A BAG OF COOL RANCH DORITOS.

My students, past and present, know that I love Cool Ranch Doritos.  I have a rule about Cool Ranch Doritos in my classroom.  They write to future students to tell them about Cool Ranch Doritos.  And, on a rare occasion, I will share my Cool Ranch Doritos with those students.  They know this is a BIG deal!

Something so seemingly simple brought me great joy during a rough time.

I'm eating some while I write.  They are totally crumbled, but I don't care.  Each new bite begins with a search for the chip with the most flavoring on it.    

I love Cool Ranch Doritos.


  1. Awesome. You are awesome. Cool Ranch Doritos are my favorite, too. I think my favorite thing about this post, though, is it is about so much more than Cool Ranch Doritos. I can't wait to see what unfolds here. You have such a beautiful view of the world. Thanks for writing today.
    PS -- I sometimes think that when things keep getting blocked, it's because they are really important things and darkness wants to keep from happening. Thanks for fighting through the frustration. Your stories make a difference.

  2. There is something about your writing of your love of Cool Ranch Doritos that goes beyond the tasty snack itself. I hear love of your students, books and joy in surprising places!

  3. I love how you repeated Cool Ranch Doritos. Me? I would have slipped in chips. But with the repetition, I think I started to taste the flavor on my lips! (Agreed, they are quite delicious!) How thoughtful of your student! Books and chips! I mean Cool Ranch Doritos. Thanks for sharing! (And starting a new blog!)

  4. How sweet you received a package with something so simple - yet they represent a big deal - a connection with someone who wanted to reach out and touch your life in return. Enjoy.

  5. Love this. In my room, it was chocolate. Kids always remember after they leave. You've definitely made great connections with students!

  6. What a special gift - it is obvious that they "get" you!

  7. Hello! So nice to meet you through #sosmagic! I'm smiling at your love of Doritos, and the teacher you must be to inspire such a gift! Keep writing!

  8. I absolutely love this! I'm always scrambling for some idea to write, and I just love how this topic has deep meaning. It also warmed my heart to know you received a care package. You are special!